The men have their meeting on the 2nd Saturday of each month from September through May.   It is currently being held in the church Fellowship Hall, but occasionally is moved to a local restaurant. The 8am session begins with a delicious breakfast, and is followed by an enlightening and entertaining program. 

The men's group regularly supports several charities and civic organizations, such as:

  • Boy and Cub Scouts
  • Hopewell Food bank
  • James House
  • Angel Tree
  • Shepherds Place
  • St. Andrews

The General Commission on United Methodist Men (UMM) involves men in a growing relationship to Jesus Christ and his church and provides resources and support for programs of evangelism, stewardship and the needs of men. The United Methodist structure and organization began as a means of accomplishing the mission of spreading scriptural holiness.  Today, our denomination continues to be organized in a “connectional” system, which “enables us to carry out our mission in unity and strength”. At every level of the connection, church leaders and members come together in conversation, or conferencing, to discuss important issues and discover God’s will for the church.  It is primarily at the level of the charge consisting of one or more local churches that the church encounters the world. The local church is a strategic base from which Christians move out to the structures of society…Therefore, the local church is to minister to persons in the community where the church is located…to cooperate in ministry with other local churches…and to participate in the worldwide mission of the church...